A safe and joyful place for your lovely children

We set up in 1999 when our first preschool Le Petit Jardin Sandymount began operation.

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Our dedicated and creative staff provide a stimulating environment in which your child can grow successfully and happily.

Our classrooms are designed to foster independence and nurture children in their self-discovery of the world around them. We assist your child in acquiring the social skills and self confidence needed to fulfil their potential. This is accomplished by building on interests, nurturing enthusiasm and making activities available to fit individual needs.

We provide childcare which is not only committed but based on sound ethical, environmental and moral values, which enable both children and staff alike to work to the best of their ability. Our commitment is to provide a warm, happy, friendly environment where each child is encouraged to reach their full potential through praise, sensitivity and mutual respect. 

About us

Day care Options

Age-specific support for every stage


Refers to young children who are learning to walk, typically ranging from 1 to 3 years old. Toddlers are curious explorers, eager to engage with their environment and develop basic motor skills like walking, climbing, and grasping objects.


Refers to children in the stage before formal schooling, generally ranging from 3 to 5 years old. Preschoolers are eager learners who engage in structured play activities to develop social, cognitive, and motor skills in preparation for kindergarten and beyond.


Refers to children aged 6 to 12 years old who participate in supervised programs or activities after their regular school day ends. These programs often provide a mix of homework assistance, enrichment activities, and recreational opportunities, aimed at promoting learning, socialization, and personal development outside of traditional school hours.

ECCE Scheme

The introduction of the ECCE Scheme providing parents with a heavily subsidised preschool year is a major positive step forward for childcare in Ireland. We are registered to participate in this scheme. There are no hidden costs or charges attached to the ECCE Scheme. The government payment will cover all costs. Smal child standing at sink washing handsThe ECCE Scheme is open to all children aged between 2 years 8 months and 4 years 6 months on the 1st of September of proposed year of entry. To avoid disappointment and to avail of the scheme through our school, please feel free to Contact Us for further information or Call Richard Lynch now on 083 090 9796 or email at We believe that each child deserves the best possible start and that caring and learning go hand-in-hand. We are devoted to providing every child in our care with the very best education and encourage learning in a fun, loving and safe environment.